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About ILCO

ILCO & Law Firms

Want clients to access the skills and experience of one of the best legal teams?

Do you take pride in the way your firm continually improves its level of client service?

Interested in boosting your firm’s overall efficiency?

If you expect your entire team to understand your clients' needs and to pursue excellence in the practice of law, you should ensure that the law clerks on your team benefit from active membership and participation in The Institute of Law Clerks of Ontario.

Access a professional network

When your law clerks become members of ILCO, they will have the opportunity to make valuable professional contacts and gain access a wealth of useful information. They can gain invaluable knowledge, take on leadership roles, and forge lasting ties with others who have common professional interests and similar concerns. These relationships will be rich, ongoing sources of inspiration and ideas, ultimately making your law clerks an even more valuable asset and enhancing your firm’s overall performance.

Invest in education. Invest in your firm’s future.

ILCO offers its members the chance to expand and update their knowledge and acquire new skills and expertise through seminars, workshops and conferences. Our ongoing education opportunities are all designed to increase your firm’s efficiency and your staff’s professional abilities.


For information regarding membership please contact Stella De Billy via

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